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The José Félix Restrepo Technical College (CTJFR), has Campus B, formerly Santa Ana School Concentration, which develops its activities in a beautiful old mansion built in the 19th century and constituted as Cultural Heritage in Locality 4 – San Cristóbal ( UPZ El Sosiego) south of the city of Bogotá, D.C.

Our IED guarantees students comprehensive care in their educational process, which is why at this Campus, in addition to academic training, we have the development of complementary activities in Full Time (JC), as follows: for preschool attended by educational agents from the Colsubsidio Family Compensation Fund who carry out their work emphasizing psychomotor, recreational and cultural activities; for primary school, it has the attention of the IDRD in the realization of Sports Centers of Interest (CI), with its own teachers the artistic CI, of a second language (English) and the environmental CI, thus contributing to the environmental emphasis that the Mission intends institutional, and the Children’s Marching Band attended by the Compensar Family Compensation Fund and thus initiating the TRAINING OF LEADERS IN SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION.

In this campus there are preschool grades: Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, Transition and basic primary: First and Second.

There is a staff of 36 people, as follows: 1 Coordinator, 27 Teachers, 2 administrative staff, 3 security guards and 3 general services people, assigned to serve a daily average of 680 to 720 students served in 2 shifts ( Morning and Afternoon), with the JC programs there is a work team of 51 people.

As our School is an inclusive institution, we serve special education students with an emphasis on the care of children with visual difficulties, among others.

We invite you to get to know us and participate in the activities that we continually carry out as a restrepista family and that you will see reflected in this space created to share our achievements and commitments with everyone.

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